About Surfing.com

“Surfing teaches patience. On land, surfers cannot will a swell to appear. They have to wait for nature to make the call. So surfers wait. They keep their eyes on the horizon and they wait.” Shawn Tomson from Surfer’s Code

One surfer registered Surfing.com in 1995, not just because he surfed and it sounded cool, but also because people were talking about Web surfing and surfing the Internet. He wanted to do the right thing for surfing, however long it took.

People ask about eCommerce. The choice is to support the culture and the people who built their lives around this storied lifestyle. Surf shops are the lifeblood of the industry. Nothing replaces the look, feel and smell of a local shop, as well as the in-the-know staff that is there to help. So think global, act local. Support your local shop. And for those times when you really are global or maybe you just need the right deal at the right price, Surfing.com is where the Shop reaches you.

We’re always in search of the perfect wave, to ride or just look at. Someone said that surfing is the only sport where you can simply stare at the empty playing field. The Web has opened this up, where we hunt our dream spots or relive the glory of sessions past. And with Social Media, we also share Photos and Videos of our own waves or even shots of unridden perfection. How cool will it be to call up your latest session or trip on Surfing.com. Just post it on sites like Flickr and YouTube. Tag it for ‘surfing’ and other identifiers like break, town, country etc. and Surfing.com will pull it in. The more it gets viewed, the higher it ranks. Get your real stuff out there.

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