3 Soulful Longboard Films to Stoke Your Day
These three longboard films will inspire you to get in the water and dance on the waves.
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06 April, 2021

One Hundred Days of a Salty Dude - Zye Norris


As with all the great epic traditions, Zye Norris, your archetypal ‘salty dude,’ sallied forth and spent a lot more than the titled 100 days in the water, crossing lands, and just wallowing about in a variety of vacuous rooms. His journey saw him on boards and bikes, in cars, dilapidated buses, and on dubious boats and the odd rickety plane. All to take him to an assortment of appropriate, though rather remote, salt encrusted whereabouts across the Indonesian archipelago. ⁠


Zye Norris hangs it out.


The fruits of his labors culminated in a wonderful compilation of clips that master movie tailor, Andre Cricket, fashioned together to create a fitting anthology of Zye’s surf work. The video was posted to YouTube by Dues Ex Machina.



California Surfing with Hudson Ritchie & Jordan Spee in “Please Have Fun”


In this excerpt from “Please Have Fun”, a 60-minute surfing film by Kevin Jansen filmed in California, Hudson Ritchie and Jordan Spee enjoy long walls, walking the nose and displaying smooth longboarding.


Produced by Robots From Outerspace, this excerpt is enough to make us wax our board, get out and hang ten. To watch the full film, go to the NobodySurf app: https://nobody.surf/download/


Eurico Romaguera Surfing Empty Waves in Portugal


We get it, Portugal has great waves and isn’t crowded. It’s time we book a trip. This video called Aequatio | The Sound of Change presented by Rhythm and posted by NobodySurf on YouTube features both awesome and empty waves.


Eurico Romaguera explores Portugal.


The man from Portugal, Eurico Romaguera, has delivered another dose of longboard poetry with filmmaker Daniel Espírito Santo. Set to the warm and angelic tones of K. Wolf and his guitar, Aequatio is five minutes of stylish surfing set at a dream-like pace and captured in ways that only compliment the individualistic nature of Romaguera.


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