Bodyboarding Senegal, Skimboarding with the Kids, Growing Surfing in Rockaway
Bodyboarding great surf in Dakar, Senegal, skimboarding with the kids in Laguna, Lou Harris talks growing surfing in Rockaway, New York.
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John Stouffer
19 July, 2021

Bodyboarding in Dakar, Senegal


Dakar, Senegal was featured in the original Endless Summer as the first stop in Africa that Bruce Brown and his crew visited. As the story was told in the movie, they found great surf right in front of the hotel they were staying at. Since that time, Dakar has become a dynamic surf area, with several great surf spots and a great local crew growing the surfing lifestyle.


Aymeric Senghor bodyboarding Senegal


In this latest post on WeBodyboard on YouTube, Aymeric Senghor is seen absolutely shredding at his home breaks in Dakar during 2021. He pulls into some fantastic barrels, gets completely covered up, and flies high over numerous walls. Check out his surf school here.




Skimboarding with the Kids


There’s a whole crop ofyounger kids embracing skimboarding and pushing the level of the sport. In this video posted on the Skid Kids YouTube site, Blair Conklin enjoys a session with a group of these youngsters, including the likes of Kai Thompson, Johnny Salta, Colton Ettwein, Paddy Mack, and others.


Blair Conklin skimboarding.


He posted, “Watching the type of waves these kids are charging is really impressive considering how powerful and dangerous the shore break at Aliso can be. I have said it once before and I will say it again, the most progression in the sport is happening in the age group of 9- to 12-year-olds. I am honored to be watching this progression and can’t wait to see what is in store for the sport of skimboarding.”




A Look at Black Surfing Rockaway


In this post by Log Rap on YouTube, they visit Rockaway Beach, New York and check in with Lou Harris to talk about the origins of Black Surfing Rockaway (@black_surfing_rockaway) and how important it is to keep the kids busy these days.


Surfing Rockaway.


Lou was a big skateboarder, but his body was breaking down after years of punishing skating. He decided to transition to surfing and taught himself how to ride the waves. Now he spreads the surf stoke to all. Check out their Instagram for more info on what Lou is doing for the whole Rockaway community.


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