HB Dog Surf Contest, Kiting the Turks and Caicos, JOB Catches the Ferry
24th Annual Incredible Dog Challenge and Surf Competition, kiting and surfing the Turks and Caicos, JOB catches the New Jersey ferry.
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John Stouffer
20 July, 2021

24th Annual Incredible Dog Challenge and Surf Competition


Surfing has gone to the dogs, once again. The 24th Annual Incredible Dog Challenge and Surf Competition was held in Huntington Beach, California last weekend and CBS Los Angeles was on the scene and posted its report on YouTube.


Surfing dogs.


Of course, the dogs were ripping, hanging one and two paws over the nose, performing spinners, and landing floaters. All the dogs had their day in the water, staying cool and enjoying the fun waves.





Kitesurfing and Surfing Turks and Caicos


Some people enjoy the water, waves, and wind in numerous ways, always looking for another way to harness mother nature and all her forces. In this fun video from Wes Matweyew on YouTube, he can be seen surfing, SUP surfing, kite surfing, and enjoying the tropical paradise of the Turks and Caicos.


Kite surfing.


Some of the great GoPro shots in the video include radical selfies on the kiteboard, launching over rock jetties and sandy beaches. In another scene, he’s seen bomb dropping off the top of an old barge. Does the fun ever stop? Probably not.





Jamie O’Brien Ferry Surfing New Jersey


Jamie O’Brien has blazed a path around the globe, looking for any kind of wave possible to ride. In his latest clip posted on YouTube, he hooks up with New Jersey pro surfer Ben Gravy and catches some ferry waves.


Ferry surfing in New Jersey.


After landing in New Jersey, JOB and Ben check the beach and surf a fun little jetty spot. But then things really heat up as they hit the river and ride some long, clean ferry waves. Always psyching, Jamie and crew have a great time riding behind the big boat as it works its way down the river.


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