Maui Wing Foil Session, Hurricane Larry’s New Jersey Barrels, How to Pump Surf an SUP
Zane Schweitzer’s Maui wing foil session, Nathan Florence meets Hurricane Larry’s New Jersey barrels, how to pump surf an SUP.
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John Stouffer
14 September, 2021

Zane Schweitzer’s Maui Wing Foil Session


Wing foiling is pushing surfing into a unique place. Imagine catching a wave on your foil surfboard, riding it, then holding up your wing and sailing right back out into the lineup. In this clip posted to Jones Goods YouTube page, watch Zane Schweitzer ripping apart a bunch of waves in Maui.


Wing foil surfing in Maui.

Zane Schweitzer flies in Maui.


Armed with the wing and foil, Zane can ride the waves, catch some wind, foil right back out into the lineup, and continue to rip. He’s also throwing a bunch of aerial moves and tricks right over the swells. The sport is progressing quickly, as more and more surfers get better in the water.





Nathan Florence Scores Hurricane Larry’s Barrels        


Nathan Florence has been traveling a lot this summer, chasing swells across the Pacific. In his latest video on YouTube, he switches coasts and oceans to chase some Hurricane Larry swell on the East Coast.


Nathan Florence meets Larry.

Nathan Florence meets Larry.


For the trip, he headed back to his mother’s homeland of New Jersey and timed it just right. Pulling up to the beach just in time for some big, frothing barrels unleashing across the local sandbars. With the GoPro in his mouth, he documented the waves from both in and out of the tube, reminding people that when it’s on, the East Coast can deliver the goods.




How to Generate Speed on Your SUP


This SUP surf pumping tutorial video from Blue Zone SUP posted to YouTube teaches the correct body positioning to generate speed by pumping down the line as well as the correct line to take on the wave. Before learning to turn, beginners should really learn to create more speed by pumping and choosing the correct line on the waves.


How to pump your SUP.

How to pump your SUP in the waves. 


Generating speed is a huge key to becoming a better SUP surfer. Generating more speed while stand-up paddle surfing allows a surfer to make it around whitewater sections, make it down the line on faster waves, complete progressive maneuvers like snaps, cutbacks, round house cutbacks, floaters, and much more.






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