Bodyboarding Big Pipeline, Foil SUP Surfing Georgia, Doheny Afternoon Longboarding
Traci Effinger Bodyboards Big Pipeline, Jason Latham SUP Foil Surfing Georgia, Noah Beato and Quinn Dileva Doheny Afternoon Longboarding.
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John Stouffer
12 October, 2021

Traci Effinger Bodyboards Big Pipeline


Traci Effinger is the 2019 Pipeline Pro Champion and full-throttle charger. She’s known as The Clamdragger (Instagram: @clamdragger) and can be seen sending it at Pipe throughout the North Shore swell season.


Bodyboarding Pipeline

Traci Effinger pulling into Pipeline.


Whether the waves are three-foot fun or ten-foot bombs, Traci is always out there inspiring the younger generation of female athletes to what is possible. Watch this video called The Clamdragger posted on We Bodyboard’s YouTube channel and enjoy her dropping in, flying out, and ripping one of the scariest waves in the world.




Foil SUP Surfing Georgia


Georgia isn’t one of the wave meccas on the East Coast. But, with a series of barrier islands and plenty of Atlantic Ocean beach-front property, the Southeastern state does get fun wave-filled days.


SUP Foil Surfing Georgia

Jason Latham enjoys the SUP Foil. 


In this video posted on JLAY SUP912’s YouTube channel, watch as Jason Latham foil surfs one of his longest waves to date on Georgia's coast. The video was shot on St. Simons Island, with drone work by Eric Nappier. While the waves aren’t big, the SUP foil makes the smaller swells super fun to ride.




Noah Beato and Quinn Dileva Doheny Afternoon Longboarding         


Tucked next to the Dana Point Harbor in Southern California is a fun longboard spot called Doheny. While it’s usually smaller than some of the other more notable spots in the San Clemente and Dana Point area like Trestles and Salt Creek, it’s also usually protected from the SoCal onshore winds, making it a mid-day and afternoon spot worth checking.


Longboarding Doheny

Longboarding Doheny.


In this video posted by 74 Surfboards on its YouTube channel, team riders Noah Beato and Quinn Dileva are surfing their Lawg model traditional single fin 9’6” longboards over Labor Day Weekend, enjoying pristine conditions. The two goofy footers feast on the lefthanders, running to the nose for plenty of hang fives, hang tens, and overall smooth, stylish longboarding.



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