Scoring Nazare Barrels, Surfing Lake Superior, Bodyboarding South African Slabs
Nic Von Rupp Pulls into a Nazare Barrel, Alex Gray Scores Lake Superior, Allan Horton Charging Dry Reef Slabs of South Africa
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John Stouffer
24 November, 2021

Nic Von Rupp Pulls into a Nazare Barrel


Winter swells are back in Nazare. Nic Von Rupp was joined by some friends hit a recent swell that poured into the spot and posted a video with highlights on his YouTube channel. Nic started the day with a paddle session, getting a huge barrel and making multiple drops in the monstrous surf.


Nic Von Rupp finds the cover up at Nazare.

Nic Von Rupp finds the cover up at Nazare.


He was joined by Nate Zoller and 16-year-old Scottish surfer Ben Larg, who was out at Nazare for his first session ever. As Nic explains: “I’ve always dreamt about riding a huge barrel at Nazaré. It’s that one frontier that hasn’t been cracked properly at Nazaré. Everything came together on this day. There was 15- to 20-foot perfect conditions and I finally got what I was looking for - a big barrel on a 10’4” board.”





Alex Gray Scores Lake Superior


It’s cold. It’s snowy. And it’s a big lake. Those were some of the elements that Alex Gray experienced on a recent trip to Minnesota in search of surf. And he scored. Alex and a few hearty locals paddled out to a perfect head-high barrel that spit at the end.


Alex Gray charing Lake Superior.

Alex Gray finds cold perfection in Lake Superior.


“Any expectations were blown away,” Gray explained. “The amount of To Do Before I Die boxes I just checked are insane. Get barreled, while it’s snowing, on a lake! The last part – on a lake – is the craziest part! There were times I forgot I’m in a lake and I turn around, see snow-covered pine trees, and realize that this swell was created by wind 300 miles away on the opposite side of the lake is the most unique surf I’ve ever had.”





Allan Horton Charging Dry Reef Slabs of South Africa


Surfers love barrels. The idea of getting deep in a pit is the ultimate rush. But it’s not an easy feat to do on a normal day. The conditions must come together. Wind, swell, and tide all must combine to make barrels work. But if you make the wave barrel over a reef or rock slab, that can make things even more interesting and challenging.


Allan Horton slab hunting in South Africa.

Allan Horton slab hunting in South Africa.


In this video posted to the We Bodyboard YouTube channel, underground South African charger and photographer Allan Horton tackles the dry reef slabs around his home. The first few shots make the barrel look fun and inviting. But when other angles of the wave are shown, and you see the big rocks at the bottom of the wave, it all gets a lot scarier. Watching Horton charge this wave takes on a whole new appreciation. Allan, you’ve got our respect!


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