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Our Valued Partners
We believe a thriving community can be created when you surround yourself with good people. Our Friends in the Know are more than just a business they are people who represent the best of the communities they work, live and play in!’s mission is to connect people who love surf and watersports and travel with content, information and businesses across the world in a highly contextual and natural manner that gives equal value to all. Connected by water and waves for stoke and purpose.
Chris Almida
Surfing has been my life, since I first bodysurfed waves on the sandbars of Avalon with my Dad. Imagine a life that took me all over the world, to the most unique and glorious locations, populated with the coolest different people from a kaleidoscope of cultures. That’s been my life and I’d like share it with you. It’s my vision for
Ian CairnsCo-Founder
Geographical beauty, excitement, entertainment, knowledge, physical beauty, community, pure!
Jason CharlesCo-Founder
surfer fulfills a long-held vision for the millions of people around the world who love to ride, glide and slide on the water. The World of Waves show and the site profile Places and local businesses who cater to people who travel for surf. It’s economic development for small businesses who most need this amplified visibility. We are completely stoked to offer this cohesively to the broad and inclusive world of surfing.
Kevin Griffith
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