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World of Waves

World of Waves is the ultimate surf and water sports adventure show!
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About World of Waves
Follow our host Daniel Hughes as he travels near and far to explore waves, places, cultures and meets  Friends in the Know wherever he goes. Daniel and the crew will look at all the ways people have found to ride waves and water from the ocean, to lakes, rivers and even manmade wave parks across the world. We will put Daniel and his new friends on all kinds of equipment new and old - short boards, long boards, paddle boards, kite, foil, body boards, hand planes and anything else people use to have fun on the water.

The show premiered October 31, 2020 with episodes airing weekly for the entire season. Click the button below to get updates on new episodes and check with your favorite broadcast affiliate or cable sports network for your local air time. 

Already cut the cord? Don't stress - All World of Waves episodes and seasons will live right here on to be viewed on demand within 2 days of their broadcast date. That's not all - exclusive World of Waves deep cuts, extended interviews, spot features and more added weekly via our Caught Inside series!
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